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My name is Victoria and my family needs your help. My daughter was born in January 2009 just weeks after I graduated college. I hadn’t had an easy path in life, and I was very proud that I finished school (especially using all scholarships and not having student loans). It looked like life was looking up for my husband and I; he started college as soon as she was born and I had graduated. We were blessed as he is a veteran and could get paid basically to go to college with his MGI Bill.

16 months later our lives were turned upside down. One afternoon our daughter had a violent seizure and we called 911. We went to the emergency room and after extensive tests they said it was just caused by a spiked fever and we shouldn’t worry too much. 2 months later our troubles truly began. Our daughter had another seizure, this time with no fever. We rushed to the emergency room and she was taken by ambulance to a special children’s hospital two hours away (we live in a very small town). At this time I had a job answering phones in a small office, as it was very hard to find any job at that time. My husband was still just a student, and we had no insurance to speak of. We thought we could make it uninsured because we really didn’t have a choice and I was constantly looking for a good job. This seizure led to a five day hospital stay while they ran her through every test I could think of. At first they thought she might have tumors in her brain that could have spread so they did ultrasounds of all her organs. I feel like I shouldn’t even think of this story in a sad way because it could have been completely devastating. God blessed us with a small miracle when we learned there were no tumors. My daughter’s MRI showed the seizures were caused by clumps of gray matter that are in her brain, and there is no surgery or treatment for this. The condition is called Subependymal Gray Matter Heterotopia. Her brain was just made this way. This isn’t fatal and can’t get any worse. We were beyond relieved! Our daughter was given a seizure preventative medicine and we got to go home.

She is now three and has had several seizures despite taking the daily medicine. Our family needs a miracle because we have been completely overtaken by debt from medical bills. The five day hospital stay, the ambulance rides and the ER visits have left us financially devastated. My husband did make it though school and has graduated. We are blessed everyday as he has a good job now and our daughter can now be on his insurance.

I created this blog because I truly don’t know what else to do. The bill collectors call relentlessly. I cry all the time because I feel like we are going to be ruined by this. I think they will negotiate this down for us but even if they do we literally owe tens of thousands of dollars. I prayed and prayed to God to give me an answer, and to lead us in the right direction. This is the result. God has blessed us with a happy child and hope for our future, but I don’t know how we can make it out of this hole. I had a revelation while reading my Bible two sleepless nights ago. I flipped to Proverbs and saw Chapter 11 verse 2, “When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.”

I have been too proud to ask for help. I know other people are struggling right now. God washed this away from me. We are brothers and sisters and if you can help us I know it is God who willed it. I live in a small town and I know our brothers and sisters at church are hurting badly too. They have helped us where they can, but no one here has much money to give. I won’t go on Welfare or food stamps. I know that takes from people who don’t have much either. We get lots of our food from the church (many people have farms and donate). This debt is overwhelming and our bills are piling up. Please help us if you can. God bless you if you read our story. Even if you can only give $5 it all helps. Please share this with anyone you think can help us. I really didn’t know where to start but I’m putting this in God’s hands.


Our beautiful little girl


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